The Wellmeadow Road Residents & Tenants Association


The Wellmeadow Road Residents and Tenants Association was formed in 2002 and was initially known as the Central Wellmeadow Road R&T Association. Given the length of Wellmeadow Road, the longest in Lewisham, the association’s primary focus was the area of Wellmeadow between Brownhill Road and Sandhurst Road. As members from outside this targeted area joined, the “central” aspect of the Association was subsequently dropped.

The catalyst for the formation of the association was the decline in the quality of the shared environment through lack of property maintenance and the loss of family houses to the speculative developments of flats for private rental. There were also issues about the misuse of the one way exit from Wellmeadow Road into Brownhill Road. Today these issues still remain and the Association is keen to represent residents’ concerns to the council as well as develop a social dimension to our community by involving members in a variety of informal events.

The Association therefore fully supports the Archibald Corbett Society in its mission to stabilise and improve all the areas which constitute the Corbett Estate. We would like to have the Corbett Estate recognised by the Local Authority as a an area of special local character and townscape merit, and for the ACA to act as an umbrella organisation to facilitate all community and special interest groups within the area.

If you live in the vicinity of Wellmeadow Road please contact us on the email below.