Archibald Cameron Corbett: The Man And The Houses

Archibald Cameron Corbett: The Man And The Houses is a documentary about the man who created the Corbett Estate.

The film, presented by author Lucy Mangan and starring Father Lindsay McKenna as Corbett himself, gives an insightful and comprehensive look at the man whose vision formed the Corbett Estate in Catford and beyond. It starts with Archibald’s formative years in Glasgow and his visits to sites of historic importance in France and Italy, and follows his journey to his time in Parliament as a liberal MP campaigning for better conditions for young workers, against unfair immunity from taxation for landlords and for the suffrage movement. The houses, of course, play a huge part – from Corbett’s first project, the Woodgrange Estate in Forest Gate, to his achievements in Ilford, Eltham and Catford.

The film had its inaugural screening on Saturday 20th January 2018, to glowing reviews. If you missed it, don’t worry – there’s another screening on Saturday 10th March at St Andrews Church Hall. See you there!