Our Place Healthy Lifestyles and Employment Opportunities for All

The Our Place ‘Healthy Lifestyles and Employment Opportunities for All’ (HLEOA) is a joint initiative between Community Teachsport and The Archibald Corbett Society initially funded and supported by Locality as part of the Our Place government initiative.

It has been inspired by the philanthropist and social housing pioneer Archibald Cameron Corbett who built the Corbett housing estate between 1896 and 1913 on 287 acres of farmland sold to him by the Earl of St Germans in what was then Hither Green ward in the London Borough of Lewisham.

Today the estate consists of over 3,000 family houses straddling the re-defined wards of Lewisham Central and Catford South and has a population estimated at between 10,000 and 12,000.

Corbett was concerned to produce a soundly balanced, healthily living community which was demonstrated by an embargo on liquor selling throughout the estate and the provision of the St Germans recreation ground. He also took a moral view about independence, of ‘acquiring a home and taking of a little’ and saw it as the basis of, and the springboard to all domestic and social virtues and regarded house building as a public service.

The Archibald Corbett Society was formed in October 2013 to preserve the legacy of Archibald Corbett and regenerate and develop the estate into the future.

Community Teachsport was set up in 2010 to create a community based provision delivering multi-sport activity projects linked to Teachsport, a high quality provider of national curriculum physical education teaching and sports coaching services to primary and secondary schools. Community Teachsport also delivers an award winning employability and leadership training programme ‘EmployActive’, in partnership with JobcentrePlus,

Community Teachsport and the Archibald Corbett Society have formed a lead partnership to develop community led services concentrating on the provision of healthy lifestyle activities and employability training.  This is designed to create greater awareness amongst residents on the estate, and throughout the Borough, of the need to lead healthier lives and prolong life expectancy by providing the means to do so.  It also supports unemployed people to build their confidence through training and work experience opportunities leading to full time employment.

The project will operate from the new Healthy Lifestyle Centre at Abbotshall Road being developed by Community Teachsport and due to open at the beginning of May.

The aim of ‘Healthy Lifestyles and Employment Opportunities for All’ is to create  a sustainable community service run by local residents that will have an intended life of 25 years and beyond and which replicates Archibald Corbett’s vision for a soundly balanced healthily living community with realistic opportunities for unemployed people to achieve independence through acquiring long term employment, delivered from a venue that extends facilities originally provided by the St German’s recreation ground.

In addition to the development of the Healthy Lifestyles Centre, relationships are being developed with Community Connections Consortium, the borough’s strategic health and social care consortium with Age Concern as the lead partner, the Council’s Community Sector Unit and Public Health divisions, Torridon Road GP practice and Delicious most Nutritious who will be running the community café at the Healthy Lifestyles Centre.

Ultimately the aim of the Healthy Lifestyles Centre is to provide community based preventative and supportive healthy living services to improve the quality of life of all communities through increased access to health information, sporting and physical activities and health services, with targeted activity for those at risk of experiencing lifelong limiting illnesses including Afro Caribbean residents who are susceptible at an early age to contracting Diabetes 2, cardio vascular disease and strokes.

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We are actively seeking volunteers who are interested in providing support to local residents to help them lead Healthy Lifestyles and avoid the risk of contracting illness through inactivity. To become a volunteer on this important project, please contact us.