Planning applications and enforcement

Planning applications and enforcement

The proposed Lewisham Development Management Local Plan which sets out additional planning policies to guide decisions on planning applications where locational or site-specific provision has not been outlined in its Core Strategy or the London Plan has now been formally adopted and is available by clicking on the following link Development Management local plan

Any resident who wishes to find out what planning applications are current in their area should go to Lewisham Council’s website.

The Council is currently testing out a new portal that will allow residents to register and receive updates on all new planning applications in any area that they designate and to be able to track the progress of any individual applications.

The Archibald Corbett Society has been invited to test the portal once it is up and running and give feedback. The Society will also publish new applications affecting all roads on the Corbett Estate once the portal is fully operational.

Advice on how to make an objection is also on the above link.

Any Corbett Estate requiring advice on a particular objection should contact the Society, who will provide information on how to proceed and where relevant will support the objection.

Permitted Development

Permitted development rights allow householders to improve and extend their homes without the need to seek a specific planning permission where that would be out of proportion with the impact of works carried out. To find out more about what can and cannot be done without planning permission please click here


The Society is prepared to help any Estate resident who is experiencing any problems due to planning regulations and will provide advice on the best way to deal with a situation and where appropriate will approach the Council’s enforcement officers on the resident’s behalf.

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