Shop Local, Shop Corbett

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We’ve made progress! Our Shop Local, Shop Corbett campaign is gaining real momentum. But we want to know what you think. Fill out our survey here for a chance to win a £25 shopping voucher at one of our favourite local butchers, David Oakman & Sons on Muirkirk Road.

And for more about our campaign, read on.

Shop Local, Shop Corbett

The Archibald Corbett Society has launched the Shop Local, Shop Corbett campaign to revitalise our shopping parades. We aim to:

  • encourage more shops and services on the Corbett Estate
  • create more opportunities for people to buy fresh produce, groceries, goods and services
  • stop our shop fronts being bricked up into ground floor flats
  • give our local traders a boost and create new jobs for local people.

Why a campaign to save our shops?

The recession, planning policy and big supermarkets have taken their toll on our shopping parades. Some shops are vacant, others have been converted into flats. The good news is there is a growing appetite for local shopping. In consultations, social media, and on our Love Corbett page, local people are saying they would love to see more coffee shops and restaurants, a pop-up bakery, a fishmonger, a delicatessen, an ice-cream parlour, a community arts space, an allotment shop…

You could win a £25 shopping voucher

Share your ideas for regenerating our shopping parades by completing our short survey and you will be entered into a prize draw for a £25 voucher for David Oakman & Sons butcher on Muirkirk Road. The winner will be drawn by Heidi Alexander MP at the opening of the Abbotshall Road Healthy Lifestyles Centre on 25 May 2015.

How can our campaign make a difference?

By demonstrating there is a growing market for local shopping on the Corbett Estate, we can inform planning decisions and encourage new retailers to move in. We can also bid for funding to improve the look of our shopping parades.

A hundred years ago, the Corbett Estate bustled with local traders serving more than 3,000 households. To breathe new life into our parades we have to change our shopping habits as well as encouraging new business.

Which shops do we mean?

The parades on Ardgowan, Torridon, Muirkirk, Sangley, Brownhill/St Mildred’s and Springbank Roads, Hither Green Lane (Central Market) and Verdant Lane are all part of the Corbett Estate.

How can I get involved?

1. Fill in our shopping survey by 17 May 2015 to be entered into a prize draw for a £25 voucher for David Oakman & Sons Butcher.

2. Sign up for e-mail updates on the Shop Local, Shop Corbett campaign, and other Corbett Society activities, using the box on the right.

3. If you would like to know more, or are interested in helping our campaign once in a while, contact Ben, Martha or Natasha via:

4. Follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook, to show your support for the regeneration and preservation of the Corbett Estate


And here’s how we got started back in 2014…. 

Shop Local, Shop Corbett


Last November, a group of Society volunteers joined forces with Angela Koch of Imagine Places to conduct a Business Engagement survey with local businesses funded by Locality as part of the Society’s development of a Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Plan.


Over two days the group visited all the seven shopping parades on the Estate and talked to over forty businesses asking them for their three best ideas on how to improve their local parade and shopping opportunities generally.


Angela and her assistant Lilly presented the results of their work to over 20 interested residents at the Library on Saturday the 10th January. The full results of the survey can be accessed here.


The outcome of the meeting was that it was decided to launch a Save Our Corbett Shopping Parades campaign because the results showed how Lewisham Council had allowed shopping parades on the Estate to become run down and isolated through allowing shops to close down and converting their premises into flats. The result is a hotchpot of developments fragmenting the parades, making them unattractive and lacking in vibrancy and eventually forcing some small traders out of business.


The Society is committed to supporting all businesses on the estate to re-energise the parades and encourage local residents to shop locally and make the Corbett estate an attractive place to shop with a mix of retailers offering innovative products.


A number of volunteers have already committed to joining in and producing a set of displays promoting the campaign to be displayed in ‘pop up’ shops at all the parades and canvassing for ideas on how we can make the Estate a great place to shop and trade for residents and businesses alike.


Please join in by contacting us here.