About us

The Archibald Corbett SocietyThe Archibald Corbett Society aims to preserve and regenerate the Corbett Estate in Lewisham for it to be recognised by Lewisham Council as being of both social and historical importance to the community it serves, including all residents and tenants and to recognise the Corbett Estate in totality, as an area of special local character and townscape merit.

Its objectives are:

  • To work in partnership with the Corbett Residents Association, the Hither Green Community Association, the Wellmeadow Road Residents and Tenants Association and local social housing organisations to achieve the aims of the group.
  • To make both sole funding bids and joint bids with the Council to provide funds to promote an estate identity with unique street signage, waste bins, planters and other street furniture and to make any other funding bids that are appropriate to achieve its objectives.
  • To create a permanent exhibition in Torridon Road Library on the creation and future development of the Corbett Estate in partnership with the Lewisham Local History Society.
  • To provide educational materials and encourage local schools to set up Corbett projects to promote the understanding of the importance of the family unit and of healthy lifestyles.
  • Working in partnership with Lewisham Council’s Planning, Social Services and Housing departments to ensure consideration is given to retaining the number of family houses on the Estate in preference to flat conversions and to develop a strategy for the Corbett Estate to include a register of all care homes, nursing homes, hostels and emergency housing on the estate.
  • To create specific identities on all shopping parades and develop incentive schemes to encourage Corbett residents to buy locally.
  • To form a Corbett cycling club and develop cycling routes throughout the estate and to encourage the promotion of healthy lifestyles.
  • To create community gardens and street decoration throughout the Estate.
  • To seek funding to be available to encourage residents to maintain the facades of their houses including restoring keystones where appropriate.

To join the Society and help improve your local community, email us at julia.burke3@ntlworld.com.