About us

Members of the Archibald Corbett Society steering group with Heidi Alexander MP and Mayor Steve Bullock at the launch of the Society in 2013

The Archibald Corbett Society aims to preserve and regenerate the Corbett Estate in Lewisham for it to be recognised by Lewisham Council as being of both social and historical importance to the community it serves, including all residents and tenants and to recognise the Corbett Estate in totality, as an area of special local character and townscape merit.

 The Objects of the Archibald Corbett Society are:

  • To work in partnership with the Archibald Corbett Community Library Arts and Heritage CentreCorbett Residents Association, the Hither Green Community Association to achieve the aims of the group.
  • To make both sole funding bids and joint bids with the Council and other community organisations to promote the heritage of the area.
  • To create a permanent exhibition in the Archibald Corbett Community Library Arts and Heritage Centre on the creation and future development of the Corbett Estate, in partnership with the council’s Local Studies unit.
  • To provide educational materials and encourage local schools to set up Corbett projects to promote the understanding of the importance of connected communities and of healthy lifestyles.
  • Working in partnership with Lewisham Council’s Planning, Social Services and Housing departments to ensure consideration is given to retaining the number of family houses on the Estate in preference to flat conversions and to develop a strategy for the Corbett Estate to include a register of all care homes, nursing homes, hostels and emergency housing on the estate.
  • To create specific identities on all shopping parades and prevent the loss of local shops and amenities, and develop incentive schemes to encourage Corbett residents to buy locally.
  • To create community gardens and street decoration throughout the Estate.

Community Partnerships

The society recognises that to achieve its aims and objectives, it is critical that is builds successful relationships with Lewisham Council to include its Planning, Public Health, Library, Housing, Social Services and Youth Service departments and to work together in developing a partnership that achieves the aims and objectives set out in the Localism Act.

It has also recognised the critical need to work in close partnership with existing residents associations on the estate, who are represented on the board and are already making an important contribution to the development of the Society.

It is also keen to forge partnerships with other community based organisations and has already formed partnerships with London and Quadrant and Hexagon, both social housing developers and with local schools and the local Healthy Lifestyle centre.

It welcomes suggestions from local residents of potential future partners who they think could contribute to the aims and objectives of the Society.

In addition to the Archibald Corbett Community Library Arts and Heritage Centre, other organisations we work closely with include:

Corbett Residents’ Association: www.thecorbett.org

The Corbett Residents’ Association went live on 9th September 2010 with the intention of bringing together local residents at community activities and events, allowing neighbours to get to know each other and share interests. Since 2010 we have grown from a one street of 100 properties to ten streets of just ​under 1500.

The Hither Green Community Association: http://ourhithergreen.com/

The Hither Green Community Association (HGCA) is a proactive community resource for people who live and work in Hither Green and the surrounding area. The association promotes local identity, communication, activity, responsibility, business and supports a small number of community projects. The committee is made up of local volunteers and receives financial support from local residents, the local authority and a number of other charitable groups.