Take a Corbett Portrait! Competition now open

The Corbett Society has launched a competition to find the best photographic portrait of someone who lives, works or studies here on the Corbett Estate.

The competition runs from 9th June to 12th September 2014. There are two age categories: under 18 and over 18 years old. We particularly encourage younger people to take part.

The winners of the competition will receive prizes of a fantastic Fujifilm XF1 digital camera and a day out with a professional photographer. It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you’ve got – the latest digital SLR, an old Box Brownie, or just the one on your mobile phone – just take some portraits and we’ll display the best of them in Torridon Road Library in October 2014. We hope to make a ‘Corbett Portraits’ book too!

The rules

Entrants can submit up to 3 photographs, either digitally or as prints. They must be taken on the Corbett Estate (see map below) and must be of a person – not a pet!

You don’t have to live on the Estate to enter, but the portrait has to be taken here.

You can take a picture of someone in their home, their garden, their place of work, or out on the street: be as creative as you like. You must get their permission though: they have to sign a Consent form for adults,

or if they are under 18 then their parent/guardian must sign a Consent form for children.

Hard copies of the consent forms are also available in Torridon Road Library.

For full details see the Corbett Portraits rules.

How to enter

Step 1

Take your Corbett Portrait! Here’s a video of local resident and professional photographer Tom Broadbent sharing some top tips.

Step 2

Fill in the Corbett Portraits Entry Form with your details and a description of your photograph(s).

Step 3

Scan or take a photograph of the completed and signed Consent Form(s).

Step 4

Attach your photograph(s), Entry Form, and scanned Consent Forms to an email and send them to corbettportraitscompetition@gmail.com. We will acknowledge receipt of your entry and notify the winners approximately two weeks after the closing date (midnight on 12th September 2014) . The best photographs will be printed (at the Corbett Society’s expense) and exhibited at Torridon Road Library.

We look forward to receiving your Corbett Portraits!