Archibald Corbett film reaches Forest Gate

The Archibald Corbett documentary tour reached Forest Gate in east London on Thursday 26th April.

Forest Gate is where Archibald’s housebuilding career started, when he and his father built an estate called Woodgrange from 1877.

It’s the only one of seven London Corbett Estates to have been designated as a conservation area, and it contains hundreds of large Victorian villa-style houses.

Forest Gate’s Library hosted the film screening, and an audience of over 70 local people enjoyed the chance to find out about a little-known, but important figure in the area’s past.

The event was hosted by local historian John Walker, who compared a Q&A afterwards with producer Ben Honeybone. Ben said that he was very glad the film had been able to forge a link between the various Corbett Estates, and welcomed contributions to the Archibald Corbett Society’s website from anyone interested in the man and his houses.